Music For The Wild

For those of you mainstream listeners out there ready to broaden your horizons, or for you lovers of a crazy sick beat, you have GOT to hear me out. This craziness gives you a vibe of hip hop influenced beats fused with electronic sounds to create the most hard-hitting mix you’ll ever come across. I promise you haven’t yet heard anything like it, so you’re in for a treat. Lucky for you, I happen to have a link for this masterpiece I speak of. An up and coming artist by the name of Krowbar creates this, and it will blow your mind. Perfect for being the soundtrack to your next giant rager,this guy knows what he’s doing. I’ve personally seen him make music like this and WOW is it a sight to see. Hopefully soon he’ll be DJing in areas around you readers.

Check it out, if you think you can handle it:

All You Can Drink Mix – Krowbar

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