Why Nice Guys In College Don’t Finish Last (2)

5. Pulling back to #7, we probably have trust issues the size of the Pacific. And you claiming to be a ‘nice guy,’ just put you ten steps back.


4. Dating is cool but good grades are even more cool and we don’t have time for bullshit.


3. You are probably shooting for the stars, try finding someone who actually has something in common with you. The really hot girl dating an asshole that you’re into, is dating him because they have common interests. You are attracted to this female for all the wrong reasons.


2. If you were broken up by a female and your only argument is “I was so nice, I guess you don’t want someone to treat you right blah, blah, blah.” NO. N.O. There is probably an entire chapter book filled with why this girl is not into you. Stop using ‘nice guy’ as a crutch. Please. Stop.


1. I’ll just leave this here.



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