Outfits Every College Student Is Guilty Of Wearing To Class

One of the awesome things about being in college is that pretty much everyone has the mentality of live and let live.  There are no “cool” cliques, there’s no embarrassment over not wearing the right brand of sneaker, and no one really cares what you wear or where you bought your clothes.  However, there is such a thing as a fashion faux pas, even though no one in college really cares enough to call you out on it.

Just because you have the freedom to wear whatever you want doesn’t necessarily mean you should.  Even though we all raise our eyebrows when someone else wears this stuff on campus, we’re all guilty of doing it, at least once in our college career.

Here are 20 outfits we all wear.

20. The workout tank with giant arm holes.

Even though you know you should leave it at the gym, sometimes you get this nagging thought in your brain that all the guys and gals on campus deserve to see how rad your body looks.


19. Sweat pants.

Sometimes it happens.


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