People Kept Complaining That This Restaurant Sucked, But You May Be Surprised to Find Out Why

A pop­u­lar restau­rant in New York City hired a firm to inves­ti­gate why in recent years cus­tomers have been giv­ing the place bad reviews. They claimed that the ser­vice was too slow and they had to wait entirely too long for a table.

So, the firm decided to take a look at old and recent sur­veil­lance footage to fig­ure out what dynam­ics of the restau­rant had changed that would cause such dis­con­tent among cus­tomers. But, what they found was quite sur­pris­ing and in fact the bad reviews weren’t a result of the restaurant’s ser­vice, it was a result of the cus­tomers’ behavior.

Here is what they found (click on pho­tos to enlarge);





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