The Perfect Explanation To Why ‘Just Friends’ in College Won’t Work

We all have that one best friend who we’ve known almost, if not, the entire length of our lives. I’ve known mine since we were both 5 years old. Even when boys and girls had cooties, we still hung around each other. We became so close he started call­ing my par­ents “Mom” and “Dad” and he never really stopped. Grow­ing up, he didn’t have the ideal home life, his par­ents were MIA, so we spent most of our child­hood days together. Halfway through mid­dle school (and puberty) I started see­ing him in a dif­fer­ent light. Our voices weren’t at the same octave, so he had that going for him, but still we were ‘just friends.’ Fast for­ward to col­lege, he moved away and joined the Marines but we still remained in con­tact con­stantly. He vis­ited when­ever pos­si­ble, I wrote to him while we he was in boot camp, I held onto his Marine Corps grad­u­a­tion ring so he wouldn’t lose it. My fam­ily and I would send him care pack­ages as often as pos­si­ble. But then one day, every­thing just changed. We both started dat­ing peo­ple and we slowly eased up on how much we would talk until one day I received a nasty drunken text from my “best friend” accus­ingly ask­ing why we never hooked up…Hold up, “we’re just friends.”

HA…it’s not pos­si­ble.
Think about it girls…we love to think that being just friends with a guy is pos­si­ble, and we are pos­i­tive that our ‘friend’ doesn’t want to sleep with us because we’re just “really good friends.” But why don’t you try tak­ing a step back for a hot sec­ond and really take a look at this pla­tonic yet oh-so com­pli­cated friend­ship. What the hell could he pos­si­bly be get­ting out of this friend­ship?! If you’re think­ing “I don’t know,” and “absolutely noth­ing,” well but­ter my butt and call me a bis­cuit, you’re right!

Girls and guys have com­pletely dif­fer­ent out­looks when it comes to what we want in a friend. On one hand (most likely the right) guys con­sider a friend as some­one who will throw back a cou­ple of brewskis with him while watch­ing Sun­day night foot­ball, go tail­gat­ing with him and the bros, play Call of Duty with him on Fri­day night when every­one else is busy, and some­one who will be his wing­man at the bar on Sat­ur­day night.
While on the other hand girls con­sider a friend as some­one who will go for manis and pedis with us, go shop­ping just because, grab lunch together on our days off, try on each oth­ers clothes while down­ing a few bot­tles of wine on a Fri­day night, and some­one to talk on the phone with us when we’re upset. So…exactly how does either one of those friend­ships sound appeal­ing to the oppo­site sex?

Ladies, we will never under­stand the way men think and vice versa. Accept the fact that your “guy friend” doesn’t enjoy being just your friend. He prob­a­bly thinks of you in ways that will make your jaw drop and turn those pasty white cheeks of yours, BRIGHT. ASSRED.

Under­stand that guys are not stu­pid, well…not com­pletely. They will not waste their time on women unless they think they will be get­ting some­thing out of it. And for those of you who are still in denial, let me put this in a way you might be able to understand:


Sim­ple as that. And if you still don’t under­stand this con­cept then ask your­self this: If you gave the poor guy a chance to sleep with you or the chance to not cross the line and respect your friend­ship, which one do you think he would choose? I think we all know what that answer would be. He would more than likely tear your clothes off before you can even fin­ish ask­ing him.

So now you’re won­der­ing what this means for the friend­ships you have now. Since I’m not get­ting paid to tell you what to do, this one is all on you babe. But what­ever you decide just remem­ber this…as women we tend to have more emo­tions than any other liv­ing organ­ism known to man, so when we cross that line and sleep with them we will more than likely “fall in love” and ulti­mately think that because we’ve been friends since for­ever and we know each other so well, it is meant to be. Sorry, but not quite. Once you give it up to him, he’s already got­ten all he could ever want from you, so then he moves onto the next one. So in the end, you need to decide what’s worth it: stay­ing “just friends” with some­one or tak­ing the chance and ruin­ing it all just to get some ass on a drunken Fri­day night when the bar­tender turns you down.

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This arti­cle sucks. As a girl, I can promise you that you’re very innacu­rate on a lot of the claims made about women “in general”

they never get com­ments on their arti­cles, their new strat­egy is to make it offen­sive enough to illicit a reaction

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