Police Raid Leaves Over 40 Arrested in Potsdam

On Friday, October 17th, Potsdam police had a “multiple compliance check” at a popular bar called Backstreets Night Club. This check ended with over forty students charged with underage trespassing. One woman was even charged with resisting arrest. Along with 46 students between the ages of 17 and 20, the bar owner and manager were also arrested.

These students were found with forged, chalked, and even I.D.s that belong to other people. While the owners claimed no one under 21 was allowed in the bar, half the people there were underaged.

The majority of the students arrested are students from SUNY Potsdam and Clarkson University, with a few others from colleges out of the area. The students were ticketed for trespassing and will have to return to Potsdam Village Court.

The female student with extra arrests is from a school in Syracuse and was charged with resisting arrest, second-degree harassment, and second-degree obstructing governmental administration.

The names of the students were released in the police report. Do you know any of these students?

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