The Pros and Cons of Being a Biology Major

As we grow up, we all get the inkling that science isn’t easy. For me, I absolutely love it and find it easier than any other subject out there. But don’t get me wrong, in college you definitely have your ups and downs with this major. Some days are good and some are bad. For some people some days could be better and some could be worse. So if you are thinking about biology as your major, I’m gonna let you know what’s so awesome about it. But of course I’m not gonna sugar coat it, so I’ll tell you what’s awful about it as well.


3. Dissections

During most labs in college you work with specimens. Even in botany, you still get to tear apart plants and really see all the internal structures inside. In genetics, you work with your own skin cells to look at your own DNA.

2. Take specimens home.

When you are a bio major there is nothing cooler than tearing something open and taking part of it. I dissected a sea urchin this last semester. I took home the part inside it that is used to take in and grind food. It just looks really cool in my apartment and it’s always a cool conversation starter.

1. Not just classroom learning.

Most days, you aren’t just studying from a book or looking at notes on a big screen. You get to go out, touch specimens, see the world really acting the way it does.


3. More class time than other majors.

Being in biology or any type of science major means you have labs. So being a bio major means you have 2-3 hours more of class time per science class that you have that semester.

2. All 5 days of the week have classes.

Being a biology major means Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will most likely be your lecture days. But Tuesdays, and Thursdays will be lab days. Therefore, you don’t have any off days being a bio major.

1. Other science classes.

I consider this the worst because normally if you are amazing at biology you are okay at all other sciences. But when being a bio major you have to take Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and usually physics. And trust me these other science classes aren’t the easiest.

Even with all the cons in mind, I will never change my major. I love being a bio major because it gives me the ability to ask “why”, and also answer that “why.” I am a biology major, because I love knowing all the answers.

I never want to have a roommate every again in my entire life. They smell, they are often naked, and they don’t have boundaries.

The following is a list of 13 reasons why I refuse to have a roommate ever again; aside from the fact that roommates are awful in  general. I’m a true fan of solitude. 


Yah, you read that right. A couple of years ago my roommate was a complete and total wierdo. She was constantly accusing people of doing things that were intended to harm her in one way of another. This girl was the epitome of “the world is out to get me”. One weekend in particular she had a couple friends from home visiting, and they were staying in our tiny apartment with us. I was in my bedroom, which was connected to the kitchen, doing some studying when I heard my roommate start cooking breakfast with her friends. They were cooking for about 10 minutes when one of her friends asked if she could help herself to some orange juice, to which my roommate replied, “Yes, but grab the one in the back because the other one has butter in it” (Yes, ladies and gents – BUTTER). Her friend naturally was freaked out and asked why. My roommates answer was “Oh, I think she’s been drinking my orange juice, so I put butter in it”. Can you say crazy?

This roommate was also my cousin – I think it’s important to know that before we get into the story. She was my best friend for my entire life, and so when she moved to my city, we decided we would live together to save on rent! About halfway through the year she got a new boyfriend who was over all the time, and they would leave their dishes and garbage everywhere, so naturally I asked if she could keep it tidy, because it was getting gross (what an understatement). This was the start of WWIII because from this point on we didn’t get along. She stayed disgusting, but now wanted to make my life a living hell and decided she would destroy all of my condoms. Luckily I discovered it before I used any, but really… This kind of revenge is just uncouth.

In my first year of college I lived in a townhouse on campus with 5 other girls. I went to high school with one of them, one of them became my best friend, 2 of them were from the same town and were best friends, and then there was this one girl that got kicked out of her original townhouse because her roommates hated her, and we said it was fine if she lived with us. We were being kind, ok? Oh, the regret. Throughout the year we started to realize our dishes and utensils started to drop in numbers. It was fine because between the 6 of us we had enough dishes to get by, but it was still sort of odd. When this roommate finally moved out we went into her room to find all our dishes piled up in a tower – along with all of her caked on foods from the year.

Some people are strong believers in zodiac signs and others think it’s nothing but a bunch of crap. However, for those who believe, their zodiac signs can be very telling. It can tell you what kind of romantic partner suits you best or what kind of learning and work environment you thrive in. It can also determine traits, attitudes, flaws, fears, and desires toward life and the people around you.

Your zodiac sign is determined by the time of year you are born. There are 12 zodiac signs in total and each have different strengths and weaknesses. The signs are different per the placement of the sun, moon and other planets. There are many sites online to help you find your horoscope. You can even find out your love matches with your significant other.

This article will focus on the darker side of the horoscope star chart. It’s better to be aware of this side so you can focus on defeating it. Don’t let it alarm you whatsoever. A person who is not afraid to face their fears head on will thrive greatly. It is important to know your possible short comings and attempt to turn them into your strengths. Be critical of yourself as you read through this article.

The first month that will be touched on is Aries (March 21- April 20). The fear connected with Aries is the fear of losing loved ones. Aries don’t respond well to seeing long term relationships come to an end. However, it doesn’t just apply to relationships, it also applies to death of loved ones. Aries have a hard time dealing with the major losses in their life so if you know one going through a loss you may want to be more sensitive with them.

The fear of losing a loved one isn’t all bad. It means that Aries have strong qualities like being very caring and nurturing. They give a great amount of effort to their relationships because they cannot stand them coming to an end. This can help relationships thrive because when you have someone putting in a maximum effort then it provides some leeway to the other partner on bad days.

Keep reading to find out more about you and your loved one’s horoscopes…

Three boys named Sray, Son, and Bopha take themselves down to the river just a half mile from their village. Armed with large saw-like machetes, these boys aren’t messing around. They have to put on a show because just recently their village was given a camera to capture daily life.

Cambodia Daily Life

The boys are getting in the water and at first you’re wondering why? Maybe it’s to cool off, but why the machete? The boys seem to have no issues with the brown muddy water. Good thing they have their cool speedo shorts on and are ready for an adventure.

Cambodia Daily Life

Quickly the boys swim over to set traps. The traps stretch across the small river creating a blockage. They learned this technique from their father. The boys are all half brothers and have the same father, but each a different mother. Their father was the master hunter for the village, making him highly sought after by the women.

Cambodia Daily Life

Keep reading to see what happens next in the boys quest for a successful hunt…

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