The Pros And Cons Of Bringing Your Laptop To Class

The Pros And Cons Of Bringing Your Laptop To Class
Before leaving for class you're stuck with a tough decision: Should I bring my laptop? Check out the pros and cons of bringing your laptop to class.

These days, almost everyone is sent off to college with a shiny, new laptop.  You tell your parents it’s an absolute necessity; you’ll need something portable, with a long battery life to take to class with you and dutifully take notes.  Visit any lecture hall at any college and you’ll witness a sea of glowing laptop screens and one or two students with a notebook and a pen.  (How retro!)  That’s just how it is, today.

But should you really bring your laptop with you to every class?  Is there any concrete reason to do so?  After all, for hundreds of years, college students got along just fine without them.  Ask your parents if you don’t believe me.  With that in mind, take a couple of moments to really think about whether or not you need to bring that computer with you to class everyday.  Sure, there are lots of pros to doing so, but there are also plenty of cons.

Pro: You can take notes with ease.

Frantically trying to scribble notes is a recipe for an aching hand and lots of frustration when the professor flips through his slides too fast for you to even think about copying down everything.

Con: Are you really going to only use it to take notes, though?

Facebook is just one quick click away!  Resit the urge….resist the urge…. next


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