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RateMyProfessors’ Hottest Professors of 2013-2014

When class registration comes around, every college student flocks to RateMyProfessors to make sure they sign up for the best professors possible. Based on traits such as helpfulness, clarity, and easiness, this website lets us know whose class to take for an easy A or just for a fun class. Sadly, we all know the disappointment of wanting/needing to take a certain class, but seeing the class’ professor has a rating lower than 3.0. And if you still choose to take that professor’s class, well…you’ve been warned!

On top of the numbered rating, users can also rate their professors based on hotness. Denoted by a chili pepper, a professor’s hotness rating goes up each time a user gives them a positive rating and, appropriately, goes down when someone does not rate them as hot. If a professor’s page has a grey pepper, they’re not hot. If the pepper is red, they’re pretty attractive. If the pepper is on fire, well…you understand.

Earlier this week, RateMyProfessors released their hottest professors list of 2013-2014. Their ranking methodology for this list reads as follows:

A professor who receives a chili pepper is considered “hot.” Chili peppers are awarded based on the sum of positive and negative (hot or not) ratings. For instance, if a professor receives 7 “hots” and 6 “nots” the “hots” will be counted as “+” and the “nots” as “-”. The sum of these (7-6) equals 1, meaning the professor will receive a chili pepper. If the result had been negative, the professor would not receive a chili pepper. Professors are ranked by highest numerical value in this case. For instance a -3 result is higher than a -4.

Without further ado, ladies and gentleman, here are the hottest professors of 2013-2014. If you take any of these professors’ classes, keep the lip biting and eye f**king to a minimum.


1. David Daniel: Psychology – James Madison University

2. Paul Evans: Biology – Brigham Young University

3. Ruth Dellinger: Mathematics – Florida State College at Jacksonville

4. Thomas Beard: Economics – Auburn University

5. Barbara Kalvelage: Biology – University of Southern Indiana

6. Daniel Norton: Communication – Seattle Central College

7. Corey Manchester: Mathematics & Statistics – San Diego State University

8. Adrienne Alaie: Biology – Hunter College

9. Marsha Lindsay: Humanities – Lone Star College

10. Dana Cantu: English – South Texas College


Think you’ve got a titillating teacher, log on to RateMyProfessors and let the world know!

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