10 Regrets We All Have Every Sunday Night

Ahh Sunday nights. The day you spend procrastinating everything you needed to do all week to, as well as regretting all your regrets. Here are ten regrets that we all seem to have.

10. Going out drinking this weekend – So what you have an exam next week and homework to do for most of your classes, you have to relieve some stress, sometimes right? College is supposed to be fun isn’t it? Your mindset when your friends asked you to tag along to that house party Friday night is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum now. You’re suffering through a lazy Sunday and the mere mention of alcohol is enough to make your body quiver. In fact, you’ve probably already tweeted something along the lines of “I am never drinking again” and snapchatted most of your friends how badly you want water and sleep today.

giphy (1)

9. Pushing back homework you really shouldn’t have – That report you said you would finish Sunday because you’ve got better things to do on a Saturday. Well now it is Sunday, and you just want to take a nap and watch a movie. However, that report you have due this week is still due this week. Now you have even less time to complete it too.



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