Research Reveals Top 100 Colleges That Produce Most Millionaires

College. Making your decision of what college you’re going to attend for the best four years of your life can sometimes be a challenge. One major reason is because of the academics. There are certain colleges that prepare you very well for the real world, especially if you one day dream of being a millionaire. Universities in the UK produce the second highest number of millionaires in the world after the US, according to a new league table from Spear’s magazine and WealthInsight.

100. University of Massachusetts (USA)

99. Brigham Young University (USA)

98. MIT Sloan School of Management (USA)

97. Northeastern University (USA)

96. National University of Singapore (Singapore)

95. University of Western Australia (Australia)

94. Fordham University (USA)

93. University of Arizona (USA)

92. Tufts University (USA)

91. State University of New York (USA)

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