What’s It Like To Have Roommates Who Party 24/7

Being in college, you tend to have a lot of freedom. Especially as a freshman, you try to take advantage of being able to go out pass 10 o’clock at night or go to sleep as late as you want even if you have an early class the next day. But I would’ve never thought I would be roommates with people who would aggressively use this advantage of freedom.

My roommates tend to go to every party that’s on campus, whether it’s on a Saturday or Tuesday and since I’m not much of a social person, especially if I just spent most of my day studying for an exam for the next day, I decide not to go. At first I didn’t see this as a big problem, because school was just starting and there were lots of “Back to School” parties and no one was really assigning work or anything, but as time went on the partying never stopped.

How do you come from a 1pm class and start preparing for a party that starts at 10pm? Here I am studying for a test and you’re blasting music while you decide whether to wear shorts, or a dress. I know us girls take forever to get dressed, I take a couple hours to prepare and get dressed before any event, but it shouldn’t take 10 hours to do it…does it? It gets even worse if they decide to pregame and invite one of their other friends whose obviously already pregamed. The noise just gets louder and more irritating and I’m sitting there counting down the hours until they leave so I can have some peace to study and possibly fall asleep before they come back.next




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