Rules Of The Dating Game

The style of dating has evolved from asking a girl to “go steady” with you, to formally asking a girl if you “may take her out”, to meeting a girl on tinder, to seeing if she’s down to “Netflix and Chill”, and even seeing if she’ll make the first move.  There’s nothing wrong with a girl taking the reigns, but society has taken it too far my friends.  I don’t think necessarily it’s a matter of “chilvary” but that society itself is forgetting to teach future generations what it means to be a gentleman with technology to blame.  The popular usage of social media has changed the rules of dating so intensely, dating is now more of a game than an intimate interaction of getting to know each other, and more confusing than ever.  All the upcoming and popular social media is just network after network of meeting new people, people getting cat-fished, or people just getting plain rejected.

The evolution of dating comes with all new factors of the “dating game” such as what to say, when to say it, and how cool to play things off.

9. You stalk them on every social media site possible so you already know where they’re from, what high school and college they went to, what they did for their sister’s birthday 3 years ago, and who all of their past relationships were with.

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