Sick Day: As Told By Gifs (2)

The angry stage is usually when we give in and drug ourselves into a daze with cold meds, antibiotics and spread vaporub on our own chest. You’ll be too medicated to feel miserable.


The good thing about medicine is that it gives you a temporary reprieve. This is usually when you’ll feel hungry for the first time all day. Don’t pretend like you’ll eat healthy. You should, but the comfort foods are way more appealing.


When the meds wear off, the discomfort comes back with a vengeance.


You re-dose yourself with all the medicine you can, but it seems to take forever for it to kick in. Therefore, you lay on the floor and bemoan how awful life is and WOULD THIS MEDICINE HURRY UP AND WORK?


 The drugs work, but this time, you’re emotional because the day is almost over and you know that you’ll have to get back to real life tomorrow despite still feeling like sh*t.


Before bed, you’re both depressed and resigned to how crappy tomorrow will be.


The next day, you trek through your day as best you can and you try to avoid interacting with people as much as you can. You know you’ll recover, but being sick sucks. Being sick as an adult sucks even more.


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