Sick Day: As Told By Gifs

At some point in your life, typically when it’s least convenient, your body decides to succumb to sickness. Everyone has taken the dreaded sick day. There’s nothing worse than being confined to your house feeling uncomfortable, unable to taste food, and being exhausted but can’t sleep soundly. Sick days are hell for basically everybody.

You can feel the sickness coming on. Your body feels more sluggish. You’re snapping at everyone, and you desperately want to punch everyone in the face–especially the complete a-holes that have the nerve to say, “Are you okay? You don’t seem like yourself today.”


At the end of the work day, when you have to drag yourself to a study session in the library or actually contribute to the group project you’ve been putting off for weeks, you really start to feel like crap, but you try to deny what you know is happening to your body.


By the time you’ve collapsed in bed, there’s no denying the hell that awaits you the next morning. You fall into fitful sleep against your will, but your weakened immune system needs the rest.


You wake up the next morning feeling as though you’ve been steamrolled. You’ll stumble out of bed, befuddled, congested and overly exhausted.


The worst part of waking up sick is having to call out of work, or email your professors that you won’t be able to come to class. Of course, these days are usually when you have like six presentations, an exam, and a meeting with your boss. Not only do you dread calling out of work, you also cry over the hit your paycheck is gonna take.


Once your sickness has been noted by the appropriate parties, you descend into an awful reality. You feel pathetic all day long, and your friends are too paranoid to actually comfort you when you’re feeling sorry for yourself.


By mid-afternoon, you’re usually pissed off at the world. It’s not fair to feel this terrible when all you were doing was living your life.



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