Signs You’re So Done With This Semester

Whether you’re a senior or a freshman in college, you understand the dreaded feeling of trying to get through the last month of the semester before finals exams- and summer. It is definitely not fun to sit through class and try to learn when class is the last thing on your mind.

It’s a real struggle, and you are not alone.

If this sounds anything like you, we’ve got 18 signs that you are just so done with this semester.

18. You’re sitting in class day dreaming about summer concerts and beach trips.


17. You show up for math tutoring, but then spend the first 20 minutes on the computer looking up resorts on tropical islands to go on vacation to in the summer.alcohol7

16. Listening to one more pointless lecture from your professor makes you want to consider jumping out of the window.tumblr_m6k7zzA2v71rvzf3uo1_25015. You start to countdown how many more classes you have to get through until the semester is over- and then have to try to convince yourself that you can get through it and that it’s not so bad. tumblr_inline_nwew86e68m1qbnjg0_500


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