Six Things Guys Don’t Know They Do, That Make Girls Crazy

Unconsciously, guys will do small movements and actions that cause most women around them to swoon at the sight. Here are a few of those things:

*NOTE: not all girls will feel this way so don’t use these as ways to pick up girls or even do them too much, then it just gets weird…*

1. Clenching Their Jaw

Either he’s paying attention in class or at a meeting, or he could be angry for some reason, but when a guy clenches his teeth and that jaw muscle shows, girls find themselves staring a bit too long. A chiseled jaw is sexy and when it’s outlined even more through a muscle movement, it becomes overwhelming.

2. Leaning In When Listening

If a guy crosses a little bit into the personal space of a woman when she’s talking to him because he’s intently listening to her conversation, a girl can’t help but love it. It shows he’s actually interested as well as giving you a little taste of how amazing it would be to have him that close to you all the time.

3. Stretching His Shoulders

Every. Single. Girl. Ever. Can appreciate a guy with nice arms. So, when these guys with nice arms push their arms up to the sky and stretch out their shoulders, heads of women all around will turn, especially if his shirt slides up and you get a peek of his abs(that’s always a plus).

4. Running His Hands Through His Hair

Whether it’s just a quick one-handed swipe or a full on both hands comb, his beautiful hair will be admired. It just draws attention to how the guy cares about his appearance and wants to look good(a good quality to have). Now the “Bieber flick” of the hair, that’s not so attractive…

5. Scratching His Chin

Especially if the guy has some stubble, a quick rub along that jawline shows not only concentration but that chiseled face. It’s another time where a girl might find herself checking out his jaw muscles a little too long.

6. The Head Nod Smirk
As a casual hello, some guys will pop their head up a little while smiling with just one side of their mouth. That can make a girl melt, since it’s just the right amount of flirt to keep her thinking about you as her day goes on.

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