Snapchat: The App To End Facebook’s Reign

By now, everyone with a smartphone has heard of and, most likely, used Snapchat thoroughly. The disappearing photo and video app serves to let people send content to other users, but only for a certain amount of seconds. With new cautionary tales about regretful posting choices surfacing nearly every day, Generation Z has latched onto this app to make sure their content doesn’t backfire on them. In fact, most of Snapchat’s users are in their late teens and prefer using this app over Facebook, whose average user age is closer to 40 these days. Incidentally, the owners of Facebook wanted to buyout Snapchat, like they did with Instagram, for a “modest” $3 billion. Snapchat turned down this offer, seeing that their app proved a powerful competition. But just how powerful is this clever app? Can this app really mean the end of the online juggernaut that is (was) Facebook? Watch the video below to get a better idea of Snapchat’s potential!

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