Spending Winter Break at Your Parents House as Told by Amy Schumer

Now that winter break is practically over and the countdown to spring semester has begun, the only thing we really have to look forward until going back to school is stuffing our faces with the free food from our parents house. Despite this relatively relaxing break from school work, there are some struggles that all of us students face while going home for the holiday. This winter break, however, I am definitely thankful for hilarious Amy Schumer and her telling of some of our struggles while living back home.


20. Trying to get off the couch and workout



19. Texting friends from school who are just as bored at home as you are



18. Binge eating, because, I mean what else is there to do?!

17. That awkward, forced conversation with people from your hometown you haven’t seen in years…

16. When your parents let you have a glass of wine with dinner and your all like…

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