Struggles of Having A Gorgeous Sibling

It’s a difficult world out there, especially for girls. We’re constantly, and unfairly, compared to one another. This puts the idea in our brain that we’re at competition, especially over looks. This gets even harder when your sibling is gorgeous, and you don’t feel so hot.

Although you may not be identical, you can still appreciate that you’re both beautiful in your own way. Even if she’s slightly better at it.

10) She constantly looks flawless at all times, even when she just wakes up in the morning. And when you wake up in the morning you feel like you look like you got beat up in your sleep.


9)Whenever you go to an event together, her outfit always looks better than yours. From head to toe.

8) She probably never went through an ugly duckling phase in elementary/middle school. Yours lasted 10 years. Heck mine is still going on now.
7) She actually have better style/fashion sense all around. But even when she takes stuff from your closet, it looks better on her.
6) And her makeup is always on point. You’re lucky if makeup makes it on to your face.

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