Struggles Only Big City College Students Would Understand (5)

3. There’s Too Much To Do!!!

Yes, yes, I know. Isn’t that the beauty of going to an urban college? Being around so many interesting events and places to visit? Of course. But the perks of this can quickly become problems when you get overwhelmed by the opportunities and begin to neglect your schoolwork; it gets even worse when you see classmates telling you about all of their amazing experiences and you start to feel like you haven’t accomplished anything. Being busy is great for a while, but everyone needs a break sometimes and living in the city can make you forget that.

2. Becoming an Involuntary Tour Guide for People Back Home

Because you live in the city, everyone assumes you know every shop and every shortcut off the top of your head. There’s always disappointment when you have to roll your eyes and say “I have no idea where that is or if the food is any good.” Believe me, you wish just as much as they do that you had the money to eat at every restaurant in the greater metropolitan area!

1. You Can’t Actually Complain Because You Know You Wouldn’t Trade It For Anything

Living in the city is an unforgettable experience. So as much as you want to gripe and whine about the sixteen previous struggles, you keep your mouth shut because you don’t regret a thing.

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