The Struggles College Students Need To Understand Right Now

To start off this argument, I’d like to begin with a disclaimer. I don’t think you shouldn’t have fun in college, that’s not what this article is about. Trust me, partying or at least going out is almost essential to most kids because without it, they’ll implode from the stress. So yes, having fun is fine. It’s just when it gets in the way does it become a problem.


Now, to really begin. In my opinion, kids in this generation think of college as their first real taste of freedom. And yes, that is true. But, what we have to realize is that we are going to college for our futures. Your college degree sets you up for your potential career. A career that you need to hold you and potentially your future family up financially.


With that in mind, classes should be seen as a door of opportunity. With these classes, exams, and homework, comes the beginning to the rest of your true adult life.


Now, if you aspire to work somewhere that doesn’t require a college degree, by all means, do what you want, but most people paying for college should plan on getting something out of it.


That’s another thing to consider. Money. You, most likely your parents though, are paying for your college experience. Do not waste their money with mediocre grades and just slipping by when you could be acing tests and possibly gaining scholarships to ease the financial burden. The hard work is worth it. You save money, and you prepare yourself for an actual life career.


So to end, again, in my opinion, kids need to take college more seriously. Stop skipping all your classes, bailing out on homework or essays to party, and failing exams because you were to hungover to study. Get your stuff together, because otherwise you’re gonna be working ten times harder to make it in the future, when you could’ve just worked a little more to begin with.

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