Struggles of a Young Adult in 2016 with an Old Soul (2)

When did traveling for cheap get so hard? I know the economy grows so prices have to grow with it, but traveling just isn’t the same. Trips take tons of planning, saving of money and eventually ends up being stressful. Spontaneity has been lost with traveling but is easy to get back into. The best way to travel now is to road trip and camp or stay with friends in different areas. Traveling needs to become a priority. Memories are one hundred times more important than things.


Let’s make letters a thing again. I die and go to heaven when someone has written me a note or a letter. It’s so much more meaningful than a paragraph text message. Actually having the physical paper to keep forever is amazing. Typing things on a phone or a computer takes away a certain importance factor. Also, it’s much easier to type. When you’re writing something it’s a lot harder to be able to send out and I think that’s what makes you aware that you’re writing something important. If it’s tough to do, it’s meaningful.


Typewriters were an experience. Hearing the clicking is beautiful and is the sound of progress. Being able to see the typing be printed out in front of you make you feel empowered and accomplished. If typewriters were still popular, more people would enjoy writing!


You’re the only person around you who reads physical books with a spine and pages. A bookshelf is your favorite piece of furniture. Your goal in life is to fill it and get another wall of shelving. The smell of a new book is your favorite.  You highlight, annotate and save pages that are bomb. You can’t do any of that with a kindle or an Ebook. There’s nothing like an actual book.


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