Struggles of a Young Adult in 2016 with an Old Soul

The year 2016 has arrived and you’re struggling. As the world keeps growing in technology and the economy becomes bigger bigger, you’re praying it slows down. You were born at the wrong time, for sure. Your old soul is not able to accept the things everyone else around you accepts. Stay true to yourself, for you are one of many left. What can you expect to struggle with?

College bars are nothing like bars back in the day. Going way back here, but imagine life with speakeasies and having to get in a bar with a password… don’t know if its just me, but that’s freakin cool. Also, let’s go back to actually having intellectual conversations at bars without having to yell. Also, what happened to dancing with friends or dance with men, and I mean actual partner dancing. Not grinding or humping each other. College bars now-a-days are all about getting ratchet and messed up. Let’s develop some class and be sophisticated young adults, shall we.


Vinyls are rare and expensive. We should all go back to the mid 1970’s. Vinyl were only 6-8 dollars!! Now-a-days, records start at 13 and can go up to hundreds of dollars due to rarity. If music was still as cheap as that, many more people my age would appreciate oldies. Other than Barnes and Noble, finding a store with records in a big new city is difficult. Not many record stores make it out alive these days. A convenience factor to finding vinyls can be found at They’ve got all the records you’ll ever need. Technology these days.


None of your friends listen to the same music as you. You’re the only person your age that has Elton John, The Beatles or Journey albums downloaded onto your iPhone. Your pandora playlists are all oldies and throwbacks. You’d rather listen to any of this than the radio, unless its a rock station. Old music blows minds. If only your friends realized that.


You hate technology but are forced to use it. With the world growing with technology, everyone is pretty much forced to tag along and join. It’s pretty impossible to do a lot of things without a computer or a cell phone. Even leaving voicemails is now questionable and weird which is ridiculous. You hate social media but that’s the only way you know what’s going on in the world. The worst!!! Let’s just all trash it and go back to writing letters and buying things in stores with cash and making phone calls on a land lines!

throwing phone

Pictures were printed and put in photo albums not just saved on your phone. When I go home, I can look through my moms drawers and find so many photos in albums and flip through my life as a kid. To me that’s so much more real than searching quick with your eyeballs through the thousands of picture on your phone to find pictures of a picture you took from the photo album. Also to have the actual photo on paper is so much more useful and important and better for the memories, ya feel?


What happened to making friends in public? Being social with strangers used to be necessary. Finding you way around town, locating a certain place or being in a new city required talking to someone around you for some help. This goes hand in hand with technology because now we can just look up everything on our phones. Being stand-off-ish is also huge as of recently because you don’t have to be nice and go out of your way to talk to anyone. Let’s go back to being nice to strangers and making small talk, even though it might be awkward. You never know who you can meet.



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