Study Says Online Flirting Is Considered Cheating. Well I Can’t Say I’m Shocked.


Sending a risquè late-night text message or swiping right on matchmaking mobile application Tinder could be deemed as inappropriate behavior according to Fusion’s Massive Millennial Poll.

The poll surveyed 1,000 cases between the ages of 18 and 34 regarding various topics ranging from political affairs to dating matters. One result revealed 82 percent of millennials consider online flirting and relationships to be a form of “cheating.”

Various methods for interacting and discovering potential affairs are available through both discrete and obvious social media outlets, such as text messages, dating applications, Facebook commenting, Snapchats and even emails.

Sayed said the study’s results are believable because she thinks men are more likely to accept different kinds of flirting as acceptable while in a relationship because it is “in their nature.”

Dominic Bohorquez, a Rutgers Business School first-year student, said the likelihood of a man cheating depends on the kind of person he is and not a “nature” specific to all men.

Some relationships are rushed and uncared for, while others are deep and meaningful, Bohorquez said. If a man or woman is emotionally and intellectually invested in their romantic relationship, they will not need seek further fulfillment of any kind elsewhere, he said.

“Love has to do with it,” he said.



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