Temple University Student Posts Ad To Be Your New BFF, And It Will Make Your Day!

Remember the episode of The Suite Life Of Zach And Cody when the wealthy London Tipton has to enter the unwelcoming doors of public school with very little friends along her side? If you remember correctly, she chooses to buy her friends, because really, what else would you expect London Tipton to do?

Ashlyn Parks, a freshman at Temple University, decided to sell something on the website fiverr.com, and it happened to be herself. She posted an ad titled, “I will be the best friend you ever wanted,” and it has received a ton of attention (Check it out here!).

She writes this as a description:

I’m proving to my mother that you can purchase friendship.

Ask yourself, are you lonely?  I sure am!  Lets be friends together, because friendship is the key to happiness!

Let’s message.  We can talk about anything you want!  Have great news you’re dying to share?  Are you stressing? Wanna just vent?  I am here for you!

I’ll message you for two days straight after recieving the first message, and I will respond as soon as humanly possible (I don’t sleep much!)
– No topic is off limits, but please keep it respectful!!
-I will not be giving out my phone number, only messaging on Kik!
Yet, nothing is free; it comes with a price…
You can talk to her for two days for $5 on Kik and you can add on one or both of the following:
1. Talk to you for an entire week (+$15)
2. Skype for 30 minutes on top of talking (+10)
In an interview with Ashlyn, she mentions, “when I was younger, kids used to always joke about how my mom must have paid for all my friends because I never had many. So I decided to try it out, turning something negative into a positive thing.”
Personally, I think she would be a pretty good friend.
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