Ten Things That Only College Students Can Get Away With

Ten Things That Only College Students Can Get Away With
College has a rulebook that is entirely its own. College students are no longer bound to what society deems as acceptable and get away with so many things.

College is an incredibly unique time in a person’s life when you are constantly around people your age, all just as confused and exhausted as you are.  In this rarity of an environment, there is an entire set of rules and exceptions to societal norms that in any other context would be, at best out of place, and at worst deeply concerning to the general public. Any other time in your life, these things would be deemed as unacceptable but college students are allowed to be free from these judgements. Plus in order to be a fully-functioning adult, you have to first experience what it means to be an adult who has no idea what they’re doing.

Here are 10 things that only college students can get away with:

10. Constantly Staying Up All Night Long

When you’re in college, there’s no such thing as “past your bedtime” because for the first time in your life, you establish what time you go to sleep. Which is never. And most days it has absolutely nothing to do with partying all night (ok well sometimes, more than often, it is). College is crazy; some nights you will be bombarded with homework or you’re stuck in the lab with your group trying to finish an assignment. Pulling an all nighter is no longer a foreign concept to you, in fact, you are now a insomniac who studies all the time. You’ll find time to sleep when you graduate college.



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