10 Things I Wish I Had Realized While In High School

BOY MEETS WORLD - Now that they are in their senior year, Cory and Shawn figure they no longer have to turn in homework. But their new assignment from Feeny is more challenging- -to find tickets for the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Eric ends up with a date who would be more compatible with Jack; and Jack's new girlfriend would be a better match for Eric, on Boy Meets World. (Photo by Scott Humbert/ABC via Getty Images) RYDER STRONG, BEN SAVAGE, DANIELLE FISHEL, WILLIAM DANIELS

5. Take That Class That Isn’t Required

You might not have any time to take that elective art class when you go to school, depending on your major.  Explore as many different subjects as possible before you graduate – it will help you decide your path as you start college.  Sophomore existential crises, while common, are not fun.

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