The Craziest Tailgates in the Country

Many football fans take tailgating very seriously, especially us college students. It gets us pumped for the game and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good day drink? It’s a part of the entire football experience regardless if you’re school is D1, D3, in the NCAA, SEC, or the Big 10. It also shows the competitors just how much school spirit you have and it brings a sense of unity to the campus on game day.

Here are the top 25 tailgating schools according to The Bleacher Report. Does your school make the cut?


25. Florida State

24. Harvard

23. UCLA

22. Army

21. University of Colorado

20. Oklahoma University

19. University of Arkansas

18. Michigan State

17. University of South Carolina

16. University of Iowa

15. University of Texas

14. University of Alabama

13. Ohio State

12. Notre Dame

11. WVU

10. University of Georgia

9. Clemson

8. Texas A&M

7. University of Florida

6. Penn State

5. University of Wisconsin

4. University of Washington

3. University of Tennessee

2. Ole Miss

1. LSU



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