The Eight Types Of Friends Everyone Needs

Which one are you?

1. Mama Bear– We all have that one friend who is the mom of the group. You love her dearly and you know she will help you whenever you need it. Since she’s the mom, she’s classy AF. Wine and champagne reign supreme in her world. And when she gets drunk, well you’ll definitely want to stick around because that’s when her alter ego comes out. (Shoutout to Alice Assram)


 2. The Party Animal– She might be a girl, but she could out-drink anyone at any time. You’ll generally see her passed out towards the end of the night, but she’s the life of the party. She wants everyone to be on her level. Although she’s crazy, she’s also one of the funniest people you will ever meet. Trust me, you’ll never have a boring time with her around. Especially because she’ll be the one forcing you to funnel questionable things.


3. The Natural Born Sorority Girl– She’s nice, likable, and pretty. It’s in her blood, making her the perfect sorority girl. When she compliments you don’t worry, she means it. In high school people loved her, and when she actually became a sorority girl in college, it all made sense. Don’t be fooled though, she’s always down to have fun. When she’s home you can catch her in the corner with the Party Animal funneling those questionable things we talked about.


4. The Planner– She’s organized, witty and a Type A all the way. Whether you’re all just planning to go to lunch when you’re home from college or going out together, she will be the first one to ask what the plan is. She’s the one who orchestrated rides to junior prom, and still continues to keep the group in line when it comes to planning events. Caution: if you’re in charge of picking her up to go somewhere, she will expect you to be on time. Also, she hates the saying, “Go with the flow,” so use it wisely.


5. Little Miss Popular– She knows EVERYONE, and everyone knows her. In high school you couldn’t walk through the mall without her saying hi to someone. Even now when you meet people from surrounding towns and she’s always the friend they know. Let’s face it; she’s pretty much the face of your friend group. Being the social butterfly of the group means she’s outgoing and she’s fearless. She’ll have no problem embarrassing herself and acting like the crazy/funny girl she is.


6. Penelope– Have you ever seen Saturday Night Live? Penelope is the one who always tries to one up everyone else. You got a 90 on that really hard test you just took? Don’t tell Penelope because she’ll respond with, “That was so easy, I got a 100.” You think your trip to Florida was cool? Penelope will fire back with stories about her adventures in Europe, making Florida look like the Red Roof Inn. Whatever she one-ups you with, you still love her more than life. If you’re still confused, here’s a clip of Penelope in action.



7. The Athlete– She played every sport known to man in high school. From playing Minor B baseball with the boys when she was little, to now, she’ll always be the athletic friend. Even after her high school sports career came to an end, you can still find her at the gym working out. And forget it, when you go to lunch with her, you better believe she’ll be the one ordering the healthiest salad on the menu. #CleanEats


8. The Navigator– When it comes to directions she’s your human GPS. For the friend who still has trouble navigating around the small town you grew up in (you know who you are), the navigator has got it covered. She might confuse her lefts and rights all the time, making her abilities questionable but she’ll get you where you need to go.





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