The Real Top Party Schools Ranking Is Official. Here Are The Top Colleges

Alright. It’s that time of year. The time when everyone is moving back into college. One thing every year matters, and that’s the Top Party Schools ranking. Any party schools ranking you may have seen before this article is bogus. We’re here to bring you the REAL top party schools ranking. Bragging rights at its finest. Any college that gets the number 1 spot is then nationally recognized and put on the map. The real question is this. Which colleges really are the top 125 party schools in the nation? Luckily, we have the answers.

To determine this ranking, we based our Top 125 on the following:

1) How often that college is in the news for their partying antics

2) How known they are for their awesome party videos on Youtube

3) How often they are recognized on social media for their party antics

Here’s the OFFICIAL Top 125 Party School Ranking:


125. Southern Methodist University

124. Columbia University

123. Boston University

122. University of Maine

121.University of Connecticut

120. University of Illinois at Chicago

119. University of Tampa

118. Seton Hall Univeristy

117. Loyola University Maryland

116. SUNY Stony Brook

115. University of San Francisco

114. Princeton University

113. UBC


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