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The Stages of Making Friends in College

Group of young friends chatting outside

Making friends can be such a difficult thing when you first come to college, especially if you are a pretty shy person. We all know how it felt to be standing alone in our new dorm room after our parents helped moved us in and then left us with no idea what to do with ourselves. These are some of the stages we went through when trying to make new friends freshman year.

10. Welcome week – where you make friends only out of convenience since you’re all in the same boat, being forced to go to activities and they’re the only people you know. You go to lunch and dinner together for maybe about three days before you all move on.


9. Sitting by random people in your classes who you think look nice and hoping to God that they are semi-normal. If they’re a little bit weird, that’s even better because then you know you can be comfortable around them.


8. Introducing yourself to everybody you talk to and asking all of the basic questions: Where are you from? Why did you choose this college/university? What are you thinking of majoring in?



7. Walking around your dorm and going into random rooms that have their doors open, praying it won’t be as awkward as you think it will be.


6. Joining a club where you think you will fit in because you all like to do similar things.



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