The Struggles of Finding a Date for a College Function as Told by Mean Girls (2)

6. But the cutie says yes!


And all is right with the world!

5. In the midst of the drama, you actually find a date for your sorority sister as well.



4. Then you realize that you don’t have a dress to wear…


Well, time to go shopping!

3. After you’re finally done getting ready for the function, you’re like…


Girl, you look so fetch!

2. When you’re at the dance, some unknown chick clings to your date.

635832364901704006-787009537_she doesnt go here

Does girl code even exist anymore?

1. And when you do get back to your dorm, your annoying roommate bombards you with questions about your night.


But all you want to do is binge watch Netflix and forget it ever happened.

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