The Top 100 Colleges With The Hardest Final Exams

If you are anything like me, you hate the end of the semester due to crazy finals. It’s that time of year when teachers are cramming their last pieces of information into your brain and hoping that you pass their test. On top of that, I always hated how my friends, who go to different universities, tell me how easy their finals were.

Instead of studying for my Chemistry final that I have on Friday, I did a little digging to see which colleges and universities gave the hardest finals. This is what I came up with.

Also, because I really didn’t want to study at all, I decided to make it a list of 100. With that being said, take a 5 minute study break and look for your university or college below to see how your college compares when it comes to how hard your finals exams are!

Here’s The Top 100 Colleges Where It’s Most Difficult To Ace Your Finals:

100. Loyola Marymount University

99. San Francisco State University

98. TCNJ

97. Vanderbilt University

96. Sonoma State University

95. James Madison University

94. Iowa State University

93. University of Georgia

92. University of Connecticut

91. Texas A&M University

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90. Kent State University

89. UMass Dartmouth

88. University of New Haven

87. Quinnipiac University

86. West Virginia University

85. Florida Gulf Coast University

84. East Carolina University

83. University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

82. University of Iowa

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81. University of Florida

80. Bloomsburg University


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