The Ultimate Guide to Freshman Year at College

1. Wear flip flops/shower shoes in the bathroom and in the showers.

Freshman Year

2. 8 a.m. classes are a bad idea. The professors don’t want to be there either.


3. Take your clothes out of the dryer. Or else somebody WILL take them out for you, and you know how annoyed you get when that happens.

Freshman Year

4. Somebody that you meet freshman year will completely disappear.

Freshman Year

5. Make a list of all the late night delivery restaurants.

Freshman Year

6. Know all of the 24/7 diners near campus.

Freshman Year

7. Break the mold of wearing sweatpants and a hoodie everyday, be somewhat presentable and it’ll go a long way.


7. Become a Beer Pong King. Like an absolute legend. 

Freshman Year

8. You’re going to get extremely drunk throughout your freshman year.


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