The Month After Christmas Break, As Defined By GIFs

There comes a time, somewhere a few days after the new year begins, that is filled with bitter sweet feelings, both ‘ho ho ho’ and ‘no no no’ simultaneously  – the starting of a new school semester.   That first month back is the best and the worst, simultaneously, and all college students can relate as they drag their new Christmas gifts – and bookbags heavy with new text books – back to their respective dorms.

10. Getting To See All Your Friends Again

9. Resetting Your Biological Clock

When you go back to school, it’s no longer possible to get up at three in the afternoon, and your body has a difficult time accepting that.

8. Missing Homemade Meals

The first time going back to the cafeteria after break is rough – really rough.

7. Showing Off Your Brand New Christmas Swag

6. The First Essay Due After Break


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