There Is No Formula For Happiness

People think that life is always out to get them and they think it’s so complicated when it reality, it’s not. You find what and who makes you happy and you’re set. It’s that easy. The reason things become so complicated is because we make them complicated. Our feelings and emotions are what tend to complicate things. I’m not going to tell you how to be happy, I could write a list on the Top 10 Ways To Be Happier, but I can’t tell people who have had different experiences than I have how to be happy. Happiness can be defined in so many different ways, there’s no formula for being happy. You just have to allow yourself to be happy.

However, I can tell you what strays us away from being happy. We have such a set mindset of what our lives should be like that we lose sight of what’s in front of us. The idea of how everything is supposed to be causes anxiety in people, especially when things aren’t going according to plan. If you think about it, life has the ability to be SO easy and we have ability to be happy but it’s almost like we complicate things because people get confused when something is simple… They think that there’s always a catch. (Most of the time there isn’t)

You’re the one who has a choice. If you choose to be happy then you will be happy, but you have to remember when bad things happen, it doesn’t mean life is out to get you. So why waste your time stressing about things that are so small? It’s not going to get you anywhere. There’s always tomorrow. Tomorrow is new day. More importantly you have to remember that happiness is a mood, not a destination.

I’m just a student at St. John Fisher College who loves writing and chocolate chip cookies.

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