This Beer Bong Is Being Used On Beaches Everywhere, And It’s Pretty Awesome

There’s a new beer bong in town, and you might say that it’s the Dragon of all beer bongs. The Drankgon was born out of one man’s lifelong love of dragons. Not only can the Drankgon hold up to five beers, but it comes in different colors (gold, green, & black to start) and stands up when not in use. If you see people roaring before taking a Drankgon, that’s not an accident. CEO and Master of Drankgons Jeff Wilson explains: “Before you can drink out of a dragon, you must roar like one. Whether you roar before or after you take a Drankgon, that’s up to you.” Drankgon’s Instagram account has around 6400 followers and counting. Part of the appeal of the Drankgons is that they all look like beautiful dragons, so taking pictures of them in various locations is something Drankgon’s customers enjoy.  Drankgon has plans to hit up a number of festivals in the future, with the North Beach Festival in San Francisco next up on its busy calendar. Drankgon even created a rap video that you can see below. With Game of Thrones back in full swing, the Drankgon is an excellent addition to any viewing party.  There’s no better time than now for you to Getcha Drankgon! 


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