This Is What Happens To You When You Check Your SmartPhone Before Bed

What Happens When You Check Your SmartPhone Before Bed
Having a smartphone basically gives us the world at our fingertips. But this is what happens to us when we check our smartphone right before we sleep.

We all know that checking our electronic devices before bed isn’t ideal for a good night’s sleep, but most of us do it anyway – because what better way is there to end your day than finding out what all your friends did? But now the video team over at Business Insider has investigated exactly what that behavior is doing to our brains and bodies, and let’s just say we’re going to be making a much more concerted effort to keep smartphones out of the bedroom from now on.

The problem comes from the fact that your circadian rhythm, which determines when your body releases hormones, is controlled by light exposure, as psychiatrist Dan Siegel from the University of California, Los Angeles tells Business Insider. So when you check your smartphone at night, it’s sending a stream of photons right into your eyes and telling your brain not to secrete melatonin – the hormone that makes you feel tired.



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