Thoughts Everyone Has Their First Week of College

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Day 1: “I miss home.”
The time after you say goodbye to your family is the weirdest and saddest part of move-in day, especially for those without roommates. It’s fun starting a new chapter of your life and all but you can’t help but be a little sad that an old one is over. Right about now is when it’ll hit you just how much you miss home: your family, your friends, basically everything you’ve known up to this point.
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Day 2: “Will I find any friends here?”
Now that everyone’s parents are gone, you’ll notice that you don’t really know anyone at your school. If you’re lucky enough to go to college with your best friend, then this might not hit you yet but most people who go into college not knowing anyone at their school, will be left wondering if anyone there will compare to their friends from home. Do not worry! Just give it time and you will meet plenty of people who you will miss soooo much when it comes time for winter break.
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Day 3: “This isn’t that that bad, I got this.”
You think you’ve gotten the whole college thing down and you’re feeling extra confident in your ability to live “on your own”. You’ve met most of the people in your hallway, you’re not as home sick as you were the first night, and your room is starting to feel like a second home. You’ve got this.
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