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Top 100 Party Schools 2016-2017 – There’s A NEW #1

The top 100 party schools. It’s the list that every college student can’t wait to see every year going into the new school year. Colleges are ranked and students jump for joy when they see their college on the list. When their school isn’t on the list, it makes that college more determined than ever to have a crazy school year in hopes of getting on the list in the future. Well, we have this years ranking for the top 100 party schools. How did we conduct this research? Well, let’s see. First, we looked into seeing how often the college is in the news for alcohol related arrests, crazy fraternity/house parties, and overall viral content over the last year that relates to partying.  Second, we looked into seeing what a schools track record is for alcohol use. Lastly, we asked students from across the country what they had to say about alcohol use at their colleges. From all of the information we received, here’s our list. Enjoy! Did your college make the list? If so, share with fellow students!

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100. Loyola Marymount University
LMU list of top party colleges

99. San Francisco State University

SFSU list of top party colleges

98. University of Nebraska Lincoln
UNL list of top party colleges

97. Vanderbilt University
Vanderbilt list of top party colleges

96. Fordham University
Fordham list of top party colleges

95. University of Maine
Maine list of top party colleges

94. Iowa State University
Iowa State list of top party colleges

93. George Washington University
GWU list of top party colleges

92. Pepperdine University

Pepperdine list of top party colleges

91. Cornell University

Cornell list of top party colleges

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