Top 30 Colleges for LGBT Students

Recently released their list of the top 30 schools for students that identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. It’s important to recognize these schools as progressive leaders on a social topic that still holds a great deal of controversy. The top schools are:

30) American University

29) Tulane University
28) UC Riverside
27) UC Berkeley
26) University if Houston
25) University at Albany, SUNY

24) Northern Arizona University -Flagstaff
23) University of Washington
22) University of Texas – Austin
21) Penn State University
20) Bowling Green State University

19) University of Toledo
18) New York University
17) University of New Mexico
16) Rutgers Univetsity
15) University of Minnesota

14) Michigan State University
13) University of Kansas
12) Kansas State University
11) Iowa State University
10) Purdue University

9) University of Central Florida
8) UC Irvine
7) UC Davis
6) California State University – Long Beach
5) Univeristy of California – San Diego

4) San Diego State University
3) Univeristy of California – Los Angeles
2) University if Arizona
1) Arizona State University



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