Top 50 Colleges With The Most Stressed Out Student Bodies

You can’t deny that we live in a difficult and challenging society today. The economy is suffering as well and many people are struggling to find a job. This leaves many people with major depression and acute pain. No one wants to suffer and go through hardships, but sometimes it is part of life.

Parents want their kids to succeed and become successful and happy. Sometimes parents push their kids way too much. It’s ok to motivate your child but if you do it too much it can cause serious pain and discomfort on a child. As a child becomes a more enhanced and dedicated student when they get older, they are faced with more difficult tasks. Once again, it’s ok to be challenged but there is a difference between being challenged and being too hard on a student. Many student feel that if they fail in school, they belong in a psych ward and should develop major depression. They feel like a true failure. They have worked so hard and dedicated so much time into their studies only to fail.

Madison Holleran, a track and field star at UPenn, jumped to her death on January 17, 2014. She had taken her life because she was overwhelmed by the workload at school.

Madison was an extremely talented and intelligent individual. She put too much pressure on herself which caused a tragic downfall. Students need to realize that perfection doesn’t exist in the human species.

We need to help students realize that they are beautiful and they have a special gift. They just need to find out what their gift is. They don’t need to force extreme pressure and stress on themselves which causes depression, anxiety, stress, and possible suicide. We used statistical analysis and surveyed studies to find out the top schools with the highest depression rates. If you know anyone on that go to the following schools or are an alumni please spread awareness about the following schools with the highest depression rates.

50. Johns Hopkins University

49. Lehigh University

 48. Yeshiva University

      47. University of Florida

    46. Coastal Carolina University

        45. University of Maryland



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