Top 50 Schools With The Most Hot College Girls

So we decided the other day to rank the Top 50 Schools With The Most Attractive Males that you can read HERE . Now, we had to obviously do a counter article for the Top 50 Schools with the Most Hot College Girls. Which colleges actually reign supreme for having those college girls that guys just seem to go crazy for?! Whether it’s at a party, at the gym, or in class, these colleges sure have beautiful women surrounding their campus. If you’re a guy attending one of these universities, or in high school still considering a college, you’d be lucky to attend one of these universities.

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Now, here are the Top 50 Colleges With The Most Attractive Females:

50. Monmouth University

49. Georgia Southern

48. Drexel University

47. LSU

46. James Madison University

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45. Pittsburgh

44. Toledo

43. Towson University

42. Seton Hall University

41. Temple University

40. Boston University


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