Top 50 Tailgating Schools in America 2014-2015 Rankings

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With the 2014-2015 school year upon us, that means one thing is near. TAILGATING! Yes, tailgating is one of the most fun things to look forward to come fall every school year. Football begins, and so does the hamburgers and hot dogs with a cup of beer in hand.

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Here is how the list shaped out:

50. George Mason University

49. University of Rhode Island

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48. Temple University

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47. University of New Hampshire

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46. UC Irvine

45. Rutgers University

44. NC State

43. University of Illinois

42. Quinnipiac University

41. University of Colorado Boulder


40. Ole Miss

39. UCLA


38. Auburn

37. University of Oregon

36. University of Washington

35. UNC Chappel Hill

34. Missouri

33. San Diego State

32. University of Maryland

31. Utah

30. University of Miami, FL

29. LSU

28. University of Minnesota

27. University of Iowa

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26. UMass Amherst

25. Harvard

24. Ohio University

23. Arkansas

22. UConn


21. University of Florida

20. University of Michigan

19. University of Texas

18. Ohio State

17. University of Georgia

16. West Virginia

15. Kentucky

14. Clemson

13. Texas A&M

12. South Carolina

11. University of Pittsburgh

10. Wisconsin

9. Arizona State University

8. University of Arizona

7. University of Alabama

6. Penn State

5. East Carolina University

4. Florida State

3. Michigan State


2. Indiana University

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and # 1 is………………………

1. Syracuse

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Ole Miss #40 and Syracuse #1!? This list is complete BS. Everyone knows the Grove is the top tailgate spot in the nation. But then I realized this was University Primetime, the most Northeast-biased college site ever.

Wisconsin – Madison didn’t make the list? Can you say flawed?

Is this a joke? I go to George Mason. We don’t have a football team, and we tailgate ONE basketball game a year. What the actual f?

This is what’s considered Primetime? This list and this website are a fucking joke.

George Mason doe………..

University of Southern California didn’t make it on here? come onnnnnnnnnnnn Where’s ‘SC?

We have the fucking Steelers, pens and bucs! how are we not #1 for tailgating?!?!?!?! H2P!!!!!

Schools, bro. Calm down.

Have you ever been to UNC Chapel Hill for a game? More than half of their parking is in Parking Decks, hard to tailgate there! NCSU on the other hand should have a much higher than #44 ranking because we allow tailgaters to come back out to the car at Half time and tailgate some more, then re-enter at the beginning of the 3rd period!!!!!

ECU fan…totally agree. NCState typically has a very good tailgating and game day atmosphere. UNC sucks….wine and cheese crowd who knows little about football. How did you decide UNC was even worthy of being listed????

Tailgates at all these venues and chapel hill is by far the worst.

B freakin’ S….Ole Miss is at 40?? horsecrap!

Your list is obvious bullshit. Not only have you never visited the vast majority of the schools you listed, you left off Virginia Tech and Nebraska. Additionally, it’s “Chapel” Hill, idiot. Lastly, George Mason is a commuter school without a football team and does UC Irvine even have a football team?

Where is Notre Dame at?!! South Bend practically shuts down on Saturdays for tailgating!

The fact that UMASS is 26 or even on this list must be a joke. There football team plays over an hour away from campus so how can they have tailgates…

Wow, this is such a joke! UNC-Ch made the list and there is NO WHERE TO TAILGATE!!!! Yet, the #1 tailgating school in the ACC is the home of THE WOLFPACK! I guess you need to actually visit some of the schools you put on the ranking and maybe look at the ones that are KNOWN for tailgating. Seriously people!?!!

I am a diehard Orange fan, and grew up in the area. I can say that while you can make the argument that Syracuse has some of the greatest fans for hoops, the tailgating scene is among the worst in the country. No huge lots for people to gather, but rather a bunch of disconnected ones, spread all over the place. This list is a joke.

Who makes these lists? Usc has 250,000 people tailgating at the shittiest games, and over a million at the top games, and they didn’t make the list?!?

LOL this is the biggest joke. LSU should be way up at least in top 5. Our whole campus is flooded by every football game. Roads are shut down. Most of the time you can barely walk on campus because there are so many people. WE ARE KNOWN FOR TAILGATING! UMASS is ranked higher and my friends say that they’ve tailgated maybe once. We tailgate almost every weekend.

This might be the worst list I’ve ever seen? Is this a joke Syracuse? It sucks there. Amherst? Quinnipiac? Lol

lol at this list

This list is a joke. #1 and 2 schools don’t even have fans show up for the games and their tailgate setups are a fraction of the size of their more successful conference foes. So dumb, whoever made this list obviously hasn’t actually been tailgating at most of these schools.

You really did a lot of research here…

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Irvine doesn’t even have a football team hahahah this list is so wrong.

I go to UC Irvine and trust me, tailgates DO NOT exist at this school. 95% of the student body probably don’t even know what that word means. University Primetime needs to GTFO

It’s funny how University of Wisconsin and USC didn’t make this list. They have the entire student body and then some tailgating, regardless of how bad their records may be at that point in time. I didn’t even know URI had D1 sports teams, in yet they made the list..

Let’s play, make a sign for University Primetime and we will lie about how hard you guys tailgate!

Yeah no one tailgates at SU, all these rankings are bull

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