The Truth About How Bendable The iPhone 6 Really Is

Ever since the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been out on the market in September, consumers have gone wild claiming that the new Apple product bends easily- bringing a negative connotation the new iPhone product. However, Apple responded quickly to this statement made by consumers and in fact performed tests to see how bendable their new iPhone products really are. After numerous tests performed by Apple, lab results show that the iPhone 6 only starts to bend with 70 pounds of weight pressure, meanwhile the iPhone 6 Plus begins to bend at a point of pressure of 90 pounds. Apple also claims that bending of the iPhone is quite rare and only nine consumers have contacted them regarding their phones becoming bent since the first week of the product being released on to the market. Check out the YouTube video from Consumer Reports to learn more about the truth of about the bending iPhone 6 phenomena.

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