The Truth To Why That Girl Just Isn’t Into You From The Bro Perspective

You are heading out to your favorite spot in town and there is a line to get in. As you wait in line you notice the hot girl standing right in front of you. Well you don’t have much to do and you are feeling like a man so you do the bold thing and open a conversation with her. She gives you that weird look for even talking to her and even makes you feel weird for trying to chat with her. After the rejection your well planned night takes a hit and if you aren’t emotionally strong you end up letting that situation get you down for the entire night. You ask all these questions such as why a girl was mean to you or why she decided to treat you how she did.



Most of us guys have met that one girl in our lives who has treated us like dirt upon the first encounter. Whether she actively ignored us, said all sorts of mean things behind our backs, called us names in front of others, insulted us, and did anything to let us know that we are below her. For more experienced guys this is hardly anything to think about but for the less experienced guys with little social experience this can truly get us down in the dumps.



Considering that she was cold to you on your first encounter or meeting and isn’t mean to you based on past things you have said or done, you aren’t the only one. A pattern I have noticed overtime with girls that were cold to me when they first met me was that I wasn’t the only one they treated like that. One girl sticks out to me in particular.



She had light blonde hair (most likely dyed it), spray tan, wore aviator sunglasses, and looked like the kind of girl that kept up with all the fashion trends (she worked at a clothing store). When I first met her at a party I approached her and tried to strike up a conversation. I was met with a stare of confusion initially and then she rolled her eyes and laughed. Now I thought that I did something wrong or came off as a creep but as I was forced to see her at more and more social events I started to realize something. I was not the only guy she was doing that to, in fact she was harder on other guys. One guy who approached her was insulted and ridiculed for doing so and she told him he better stick to the books and get a lot of money if he ever wants to find love. OUCH!

The guy was a cool guy too and he recovered from the insult.

A lot of these girls have issues and I mean more issues than your average girl. One girl I met also had this habit of doing the same things as the blonde I mentioned before and she was also cold to me when we first met. Eventually we would be on friendlier terms and I found why this was so mean to most people she was around and where all of her anger came from. Growing up she was excluded from the popular crowd at her high school and was often taken for granted. She graduated with any good memories of high school so as a result she spent the time after high school doing everything possible to make herself attractive (and it worked too). Unfortunately the past haunted her and caused her to become more shallow.



The best thing any guy can do is to not let the treatment he gets from such girls stick to him.

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