Uber Drivers Reveal Weirdest Conversations They Have Heard from Passengers (2)

6. Me: What made you move from New Jersey to Missouri?Uber Driver: I joined a cult for 11 years.

5. Had a Lebanese guy sell 1 kg of cocaine in the back seat to some wired, paranoid white guy, he just kept looking at me and kept asking me “Are you a cop?” I got to admit it scared me.

4. I once picked up a group of four middle aged asian men who asked me (in very broken english) to drive them from Boston to Twin River Casino in Rhode Island. It was 11pm, and the drive’s at least an hour, but I decided to do it anyway. The ONLY word these four asian men said, throughout the WHOLE drive, was ‘Caramel.’ I shit you not, for an hour straight, these men would take turns saying the word caramel. No laughing. Nothing. Just caramel. They would say it in different tones. They would whisper it. They would say it in different pitches. Sometimes in unison. Sometimes no one would speak for 10 minutes. It was weird man. When I finally arrived, they asked me to wait for them and drive them back but I bounced. Weird times.


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