UCLA Sigma Chi Has A Bunch Of Bros That Live In An Unreal House

UCLA students are going crazy lately about this app that just launched on campus called Happinin. Happinin filters and organizes all the best content going down around your campus and campuses around the country into ‘Channels’ with videos and pictures from parties, events and locations trending around school, so you know what the scene is before you commit to joining in! DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW HERE

So it looks like the brothers from the Sigma Chi chapter at UCLA are living the life. Well, at least that’s according to the new video released by the folks over at College Weekly. These guys have a house that makes this chapter the real deal. The bros seem super chill, and based on this video I would probably want to pledge their chapter had I attended UCLA. Check out the epic video below. Sigma Chi is killing the game! Remember to DOWNLOAD the Happinin app now in the app store to see what’s trending at UCLA!  DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW HERE

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