Ugliest Celebrities List Is In!! P.S. No One Is Really Ugly

Did you really expect any­one else? Michael Jack­son used to be a suc­cess­ful black singer, but took it upon him­self to destroy his face and rep­u­ta­tion. He now looks like an albino alien whose nose appears to change on a daily basis. Just goes to show you what can hap­pen if you are too crit­i­cal of your looks… you can end up an albino alien like Mike. 

 Mar­i­lyn Manson

 Joce­lyn Wildenstein


 DJ Qualls

 Marty Feldman

 Clint Howard

 Shane MacGowan

 Lyle Lovett


 Iggy Pop

 Steven Tyler

 Court­ney Love

 Donatella Versace

 Amy Winehouse


 Kelly Osbourne

 Tori Spelling

 Rosie O’Donnell

 Rachel Dratch

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